About Black Swamp Steel

Black Swamp Steel, Inc., is a certified steel contractor in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. We offer quality service for Reinforcing Steel Installation, Structural Steel Erection and Reinforcing Steel Fabrication and Supply. Black Swamp Steel, Inc. is based out of Holland, Ohio, and has served the steel industry for over 22 years.

The name Black Swamp is a historical reference to Ohio’s Great Black Swamp, a vast wetland that dominated the Lake Erie lowlands from northwest Ohio to northeastern Indiana. Through hard work, determination and good old fashioned ingenuity, the swamp land was drained and is some of the richest and most productive agricultural soils in the Midwest.

Everyone here at Black Swamp Steel, Inc., believes the past reflects the future through safety, communication, hard work, determination and ingenuity. We have drained away the barriers and inefficiencies and have emerged stronger and more productive, providing the highest quality service and products the steel industry has to offer.

Our talented employees have a very diverse background, both in the Public and Private sector, and have a combined 200 years of experience. We currently have customers in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. Our ability to reach out and provide problem solving solution to our clients has been one of our most successful trademarks. We believe very strongly in developing relationships and shouldering the responsibility to facilitate a successful project, completed safely, on time and on budget.

Please contact one of our Project Managers/Estimators and we will happy to provide you a proposal or answer any questions you may have. We welcome the opportunity to assist you.

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